Beautiful Naturals was created at a time where I was extremely busy, juggling motherhood, working full time & trying to keep a house together. On top of that battling to keep my finances a float. So while all of this was going on, I really needed a ‘escape’ and I found that candles really helped soothe my mind.

Candles are a great love for me in general, so I decided to experiment with different fragrances using natural waxes, & in 2016 Beautiful Naturals was born.

I wanted to create a product for everyone to enjoy, but in particular for those who needed a escape & some very much deserve me time. My vision is to share my love of candles and incorporate this with the joy of relaxation. It is very important to look after ‘you’ and take some me time to nurture your mental health!

Taking ‘timeout’ is a must, and what better way to do this than burning a candle, relax & get lost in yourself.

Since then, I’ve been busy creating beautifully handmade candles with various scents for all to enjoy! I’ve enjoyed making the candles so much, I now make & design wedding candle favours for you to enjoy on your big day.

I feel very lucky to be able to design & create my love, and share it with you guys! Thank you all for the continuous support.

I hope you continue to enjoy my natural wax candles for many years to come.


Lots of love, Kerlisha CEO xx